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Rescue Us, Inc. is a transitional and safe living program for survivors of human trafficking and was founded in 2017 to bridge the gap for those survivors by providing long-term housing and supportive services, RU assist victims of commercial sex traficking and labour trafficking in reconnecting to their inner being in peace and safety, so they could achieve their goals and purpose in life and reach their full potential. 

Often, victims have had traumatic experiences or bad economic situations before becoming a victim of trafficking. The trauma (physical, mental, or emotional) may have been a factor that opened them up in the first place to the traffickers. In other situations, the survivors may have been forced into involuntary servitude through kidnapping, grooming, or a combination of both techniques.

Rescue Us, Inc serve women ages 18 and above who were exploited in sex and labor trafficking. We found out that women; who exit trafficking situations were often helpless and hopeless, and would return to their traffickers, such as commercial sex exploitation and/or prostitution that will place them at the risk of being trafficked again. We serve the greater Houston Metropolitan Area, United States and accept clients around the world.

To combat this crime, RU reduce trauma and provide the much needed help to these survivors.

We offer individualized and person-centered case management services, meeting them where they are. We also offer peer support services with staff that have experienced trafficking and are now equipped to help the survivors. 

We use a holistic approach with 3 phases:

Phase 1 (1- 6 Months)

  • Court Support 
  • Life Skills 
  • Biblical Counseling 
  • Therapeautic Conseling to address trauma.
  • Assign a recovery coach. 
  • Case Management 
  • Family Reunification support phase 1 
  • Mentorship 
  • Womens’ Health Services 

Phase 2 (7 - 12 Months)

  • Employment 
  • Education 
  • Financial Literacy 
  • Transportation Support (Drivers’ license and/or driving course) 
  • Family Reunification 

Phase 3 (12 Months and above)

  • Housing Support 
  • Transportation 
  • Stabilization/Independence Support 
  • Aftercare Support 
  • One (1) year of support, including resources and food. 

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Rescue Us Mission